Custom Related Products for WooCommerce

Related Products for WooCommerce plugin shows custom-related products in WooCommerce. You can show related products by category, tags, or choose products to show as related products in the product details page of a specific product. Showing related products recommendation brings customer’s attention to other products in your store that they might be interested in. This persuades them to try those products, thus resulting in an increase in the average order value.

[wt-related-products product_id=”810″]

You can also make use of the related products functionality in your WooCommerce store to suggest products to your customers and boost your sales.Displaying related products has become the best strategy for selling products. This feature has a great influence on making customers purchase from your store. Showing related products at each stage of a product purchase increases the stores’ profit multiple times. eCommerce giant Amazon’s success is the best example of the related products technique. It acts literally like a virtual salesperson who accompanies us with better recommendations of choices throughout our purchase in the store.

It is also seen that when customers keep getting recommendations while purchasing a product it increases their confidence in the product thereby simplifying the decision making process without spending a lot of time on it. Thus online purchasing would be a great option for people who hate shopping or who do not have the time or patience for it.